Government Grants for Women – Educational Grants for Women to Help Start Their Careers

Government Grants for Women – Educational Grants for Women to Help Start Their Careers

If you are just planning to start your new life in college it can get expensive really quick but that can be helped with government grants for women. There are ways to get extra money to get started besides these government grants for women such as a small or educational loan but in the end you will have to end up paying them back with interest. Of course if you get a great job right out of college it wouldn’t be so hard to pay what you owe but with today’s economy a job isn’t guaranteed upon graduation. For this reason you will probably want to search for ways to get extra money without he extra costs associated with a loan. There are ways to get the money you need, or at least in part thanks to government funded grants.

Since this is a grant you aren’t expected to pay it back but you are expected to use it to offset the costs that the grant was awarded for. Today government grants for women are easy to obtain for education purposes and the school’s admissions office or financial department can often get you help signing up. Some government grants for women may not seem like they offer a large amount but when combined with others they can pay for just about everything you need. You won’t be rolling in the cash but if you spend carefully all of your grants combined may pay for your tuition, books, room and board. The American Society of Women Accountants Educational Foundation offers several government grants for women.

These grants may not cover every cent you need to pay off your entire costs of education but hey will most likely help a lot. They offer a member scholarship or grant to any of their members looking to get a certificate in CPA, CFP, CFE, CIA, CMA, or CVA. They also offer a second grant for women looking to attend a two year program or a community college and are attempting to get either a financial or accounting degree. Finally they offer women seeking a financial or accounting degree an Undergraduate Grant for help with their third, fourth or fifth year courses. Then there is The American Association of University Women, or AAUW that is known as the largest source of funding for women’s education providing over three million dollars in government grants for women just this year. In fact they are already taking applications for the new Branch and State Scholarships and Grants for the 2010/2011 school year. Each branch has different awards but by contacting your local office you can obtain more information.

If you are having trouble locating them your school’s admissions office should be able to help. By using government grants for women such as these and combining them with more gender neutral grants such as the Pell Grant you can nearly pay for everything with them. Of course you shouldn’t go waste the money either by giving it away to your friends and partying with it. government grants for women should be used for your college and living expenses so you can make a better life for yourself.

Government Grants for Women

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