Veterans Retraining Assistance Program (VRAP)

Veterans Benefits Administration – To provide training in a program that leads to a high demand occupation and employment assistance to unemployed Veterans….

Neighborhood Stabilization Program

Office of Community Planning and Development – NSP-TA will be structured and operated as an assessment-based and outcome-focused delivery system with the following objectives: 1) improve grantees” ability to assess conditions in the affordable segme…

Centers for Academic Excellence

Defense Intelligence Agency – To enhance the recruitment and retention of an ethnically and culturally diverse intelligence community workforce with capabilities critical to the national security interests of the United States….

Language Training Center

Office of the Secretary of Defense – The Language Training Center is a DOD-funded initiative that seeks to accelerate the development of foundational or higher-level expertise in critical and strategic languages and regional studies for DOD personne…


International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs – Minimize the impact of transnational crime and criminal networks on the U.S. and its allies through enhanced international cooperation and foreign assistance….

Fellowship Placement Pilot Program

Office of Policy Development and Research – The fellowship program will be a competitive program that provides funding for early to mid-career professionals to work for two year terms in local government positions to supplement existing local capaci…

Tenant Resource Network Program

Office of Housing-Federal Housing Commissioner – The purpose of the Tenant Network Resource (TRN) Program is to make grants to applicant organizations to assist, inform, educate and engage tenants of eligible project-based Section 8-assisted propert…