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Government Grants for Women

Have you been looking for personal financial assistance from the federal government recently? Have you been looking for personal benefits from the federal government? Before you move forward with your search, perhaps you'd like to know that the government has dedicated a site that is primarily designed to help every citizen find the benefits that are meant for them.

The United States Federal Government launched the Benefits.gov Website in 2002 in the hopes of providing every American with easy and convenient online access to government benefits and programs.

Home Business Ideas For the Single Mother

Home Business For the Single Mother

Some of the little known offerings from the federal government are a series of services and programs to provide counseling and support for women and minorities to operate successful enterprises. You might not be ready to receive one of the federal grants for women owned businesses, but you can still avail yourself of counseling at a local SCORE office or Women's Business Center.

Here are some ideas to get the creative juices flowing, then go and get some advice to ensure your success.

As being a single mother can present many challenges for raising a child. You are not only a mother, additionally you might have to fill the shoes of father. Working outside the home could be a challenge and you will have to pay for day care unless your children are school age and you can work exclusively through school hours. Finding jobs that you can do at home might be the simplest method to thrive while your son or daughter is still at home.


You can operate a daycare out of your home and take proper care of other children. Your son or daughter might have play pals and you would be making some cash. Some states require certification with this but it is not really a difficult process.

Virtual Assistant

If you have had office experience you might want to act as an online assistant. You will not need a ton of clients and you may sometimes get an old employer like a client in cases like this. They already know that both you and your work a lot of occasions they're willing to employ you like a va. You will be responsible for various tasks mostly while using computer. You are able to intend to work on your leisure as lengthy as the child enables you to definitely work. Many moms decide to work throughout nap occasions, wake up earlier and remain up after their child reaches mattress to create up their hrs.

Social Networking Expert

This task is fantastic for the work at home mother. You'll setup pages for companies on social networking sites. You'll then update these websites daily, every second day, weekly or nevertheless the business wishes to do it. They'll contact you via phone or email.

Build Websites

You are able to build websites for companies. Many companies pay large money to possess someone build them an internet site. It is simple to learn to get this done inside your free time and make some cash.


If you are handy having a machine, you are able to act as a dressmaker. You are able to charge something similar to $2 per pair to hem pants or $2 per skirt etc. Call or stop into local thrift stores and provide the services you provide for clients or offer to fix clothing in a reasonable fee after which take it back. You might find you've got a large amount of work open to you.


Mentor teen moms. Train them how to become a good mother. You will find many programs searching for good mother heroines to get this done kind of factor.


If you are good inside a specific subject you may be an excellent tutor. Leave your card with local homeschooling associations, school districts, schools, libraries and so on. You might find you've more business than guess what happens related to.

Music Teacher

Should you play piano, guitar, violin etc. You can provide music instruction. Many parents pay up to $50 each hour of this training. Most areas charge from $15 to $25 but more complex training is more expensive.

Working at home takes determination and but can be richly rewarding when you view the trade-offs.