Small Business Grants for Home Based Business

Small Business Grants for Home Based Business

Due to competitions and strict guidelines and the time and energy spent, it becomes a Herculean task to get home based business grants.  However, in reality millions of rupees are given out in home based and small business grants every year.  

In order to get the grants, the first step would be to develop a clear business plan.  The aim of the plan should include getting both the loans and the grants.  Without a clear and clean business plan, it will become impossible to raise the money through the bank loans and third party investors.   

Grants are offered to those businesses which provide employment for the welfare of the local people and help improve the development of the area which is considered backward.  Hence the business should find materials which support both the above causes.  The business should be unique consisting of the special features like environmental friendly, charitable and humanitarian nature.

A thorough research should be made about the availability of grants for the various types of home based businesses.   Three types of grants can be selected which are in line with your business focus.  In order to get the grant, the focus should not get changed.  If it does not suit your business focus, look for another grant  as otherwise the business cannot become successful.
When the grants are received, print in all the materials the information that you find in the grants and the name of the organization that offered the grant.   This can be helpful  while filling up the grant proposal for future grants.  The grant application should be filled up as per the instructions given by the grant givers as otherwise the application will get rejected.  The proposal must give the complete information like the type of business and the amount of grant required etc.  It should also clearly state how the needs of the business will turn around and fulfill the grant giving agency’s goals.

Before submitting the grant proposal, please check thoroughly whether everything is included in the cover as per the agency’s instruction.  You can also include the websites or any online partnerships with which they have associated to bring this project as supporting material for use by the grant giver.  Due to fierce competition, the grants will not come through so quickly.  For the home based businesses, the proposals will have to be sent to at least 10 grant givers so that one can turn as a successful grant.  
Government grants to individuals and small businesses are offered through State and Central Government Agencies as well as through non-profit organizations.  

The home based business people should know where and how to apply for getting the grants once they find the source.  There are many online sites which give details of grants for a start up business.  These sites will take them through the entire process of business types, plans, start up costs, business licenses, taxes and funding.   There are also sites which can assist you to learn how to avoid the grant scams.       

Small Business Grant Source:
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