CNA Certification – A Great Career For Women

It is very important that you gain CNA certification if you want to pursue a career as a nursing assistant. The study course that you need to take will last anything between four and 12 weeks, depending on where and how you study. The guidelines set down by the authorities insist that there is at least 75 hours of formal training completed. You will find that the course includes classroom work as well as practical.

Once you have completed the course you will be required to take an examination to prove that you have understood everything that was taught to you. This examination must take place within 90 days of course completion. You will find that the course does not only teach you how to pass the exam, but also the fundamentals you will need to be a nursing assistant.

Depending on where you sit the exam, the requirements of the examination board will differ. However, it will comprise of two parts, one being a written test and the other a practical test. The written test will be mainly about concepts and procedures that you will need to know. These will have been covered during your course.

The clinical practice section of the exam will show to the examiner how capable you are performing tasks that will be required of you daily. Each of these tasks will be closely scrutinized in order to verify your competence. This part of the examination will show how you interact with the patients in your care, and how you ensure that their privacy and dignity is not compromised at any time.

Most of the tasks that you will be asked to perform during this part of the examinations could all seem like commonsense, but they could be very important for the patient’s care and recovery. The cleanliness that you use whilst performing these tasks could help to eliminate the spread of infection. All of these skills will be relevant to you as a nursing assistant, as they will play a major part of your normal working day.

Do not be worried if you’re nervous about this part of the examination, most people are. However, if you have prepared properly during your course, and in your private study periods, you should have nothing to worry about. You could also use study guides and practice tests that are available online.

The examiners understand that people do get nervous under test conditions. However, you could find yourself working under pressure as a nursing assistant. The ability to work in stressful conditions is one that a nursing assistant must acquire, but this might only come with practice in real life scenarios.

A lot of importance is put on the attainment of CNA certification. Even though you gained employment as soon as you completed the course, your employer would expect you to become certified within a specific length of time. If you do fail the examination on your first attempt it is possible to resit it, the number of these allowed is determined by the state. There may also be restrictions on the time allowed between these tests.

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